Adroit Data Buoy (CB-450) Salinity Monitoring Kit

Adroit Data Buoy (CB-450) Salinity Monitoring Kit
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Overview / parameters

The Adroit Data Buoy (CB-450) Salinity Water Monitoring Kit is an industrial grade real-time IoT water monitoring solution. This kit utilises sensors from leading US manufacturer In-Situ, and the Nexens CB-450 data buoy designed for lakes, bays and coastal water applicaitons. This is a robust and low maintenance solution designed to deliver reliable and accurate data, transmitted via the IoT network to the Adroit Platform for visualisation, reporting and alerting. Purchase price includes base kit and any selected options. This kit requires monthly subscription to operate. The kit is solar powered via the included solar panels. The In-Situ AquaTroll Sonde is customisable and can support additional sensors on request.  

Use cases

This kit is recommended for use where accurate and reliable water quality monitoring data is required for critical business decision making. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications across broad range of industries including agriculture, aquaculture, and environment monitoring.

Equipment vendor information


*Freight quoted and charged separately 

Upfront purchase; includes equipment, configuration, platform setup & training



Monthly operating; includes IoT platform, network connectivity & standard support

*12 months interest-free payment available on purchase costs
Pricing displayed in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Monthly Operating Services

Monthly operating cost includes IoT network connectivity, Adroit IoT Platform services hosted on AWS. Monthly operating services are not subject to a minimum term and can be cancelled with 30 days notice. Preferred payment is by credit card.


Base Kit Component

  • Libelium Plug & Sense Smart Water Xtreme NB-IoT/CatM1
  • Nexens CB-450 Data Buoy, solar, sensor and mooring mounting kits
  • Insitu AquaTroll500 Non-Vented 0-9m Pressure Sonde 10m cable
  • Insitu Salinity sensor and sensor automatic wiper kit
  • In-situ AquaTroll anti-foul copper guard
  • Adroit heavy duty anti-foul nano-paint
  • IoT Platform, Connectivity & Equipment setup
  • 2 hours of phone based training & support 
(NB Mooring and installation is not included in this kit pricing)

    Adroit provides 12 month return to base warranty for all Adroit IoT kits, options and accessories.

    The following manufacturers warranties apply to key kit components;

    • Instiu Aquatroll sondes - 24 month return to base warranty
    • Gill MaxiMet stations - 24 month return to base warranty
    • Meter Terros sensors - 36 month return to base warranty
    • S:can UV sensors - 24 month return to base warranty
    • Burkurt sensors / meters - 24 month return to base warranty
    • Siemens flow meters - 5 year return to base warranty
    • Adroit IoT Kits include standard business hours support services available via

      Support covers installation, maintenance and operation of Adroit IoT kits. Support is provided within two business days.

      Premium business phone support is also available, please contact for details & pricing.

    Payment for the purchase cost can be made via credit card or direct credit.

    Payment for ongoing monthly subscription is via credit card paid monthly in arrears.

    Adroit IoT kits can be returned within 14 days for a refund, less a 10% freight and restocking fee.

    Adroit IoT kits are not dispatched until payment for the purchase cost is received in full.

    Adroit IoT Kits are assembled, tested and shipped ex stock from Adroit's Auckland office within 1-2 weeks.

    However if equipment is required from our oversea suppliers delivery times can increase to 4-8 weeks.

    Adroit IoT Kits are supplied ready to install and in most situations are able to be client installed using basic tools and the provided guide.

    Note: complex installations such as in rivers, catchments, oceans and ground wells may require specialist installation skills.

    Adroit can advise on best practice installation methods and in some cases recommend local contractors.

    Installation costs are not included in the Adroit IoT kit purchase cost or monthly subscription.

    Adroit IoT Kits require different levels of maintenance depending on the type of sensors included.

    Climate, soil and air monitoring sensors are low maintenance and usually only require cleaning every 12 months.

    Water and flow monitoring usually require cleaning every 1-3 months depending on the use case.

    In addition, some sensors require periodic calibration and sensor/consumables replacement.

    The Adroit IoT kit maintenance guide details recommended maintenance for each sensor type.

    Maintenance costs are not included in the Adroit IoT kit purchase or monthly subscription.

    Adroit IoT kits are pre-assembled and ready to deploy kits that provide real-time wireless monitoring IoT solutions to common industry requirements. Our kits utilise high quality, industry-proven IoT equipment from the world’s most trusted and experienced IoT providers. Adroit IoT kits are designed for New Zealand environments, and provide reliable and accurate measurements over a wide range of applications.

    The kit Purchase Cost includes the equipment and sensors, mounting brackets, cables, network connectivity and Platform setup, and two hours of phone based support & training. The Monthly Subscription required to operate the kit includes IoT network connectivity and use of the Adroit Platform. IoT sensor data is transmitted to the Adroit Platform over the Spark CatM1 network which has coverage in 95% of New Zealand.

    The Adroit Platform sits on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and provides easy, reliable and secure access to your IoT solution data via web browser or mobile device using Android or iOS apps. Customisable dashboards and charts enable real-time data monitoring, historical reporting, and notifications when predefined events occur. Data can be quickly and easily exported via CSV or accessed from other applications via a set of APIs.

    The equipment used in this kit are supplied by industry leading manufacturers. Please see below for manufacturer product information;

    Please see tabs for information on Installation & Maintenance, and Warranties & Support.

    • Quality Guaranteelocal assembly & testing
    • Easy Installationincludes install instructions
    • Manufacturer Warranty12+ months warranty
    • Business Supportfree online support
    • Returns PolicyReturn within 14 days

    Adroit Platform & Network Information

    The industry leading Adroit Platform sits on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and provides easy, reliable and secure access to your IoT soluton data via web browser or mobile device using Android or iOS apps. Our customisable dashboards and charts enable monitoring of data in real-time, historical reportig, and ability to set-up notifications when predefined events occur. Data can be quickly and easily exported or accessed from other applications via a set of Restful APIs.

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    Business hours support included via
    Premium phone support available as subscription upgrade
    Please contact for details


    Client self-install based on Adroit installation guide provided
    Minimal maintenance required. See guide for details